• Luci Cate

Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita


- One cucumber

- Chili and Lime Seasoning

- Agave

- One fresh jalapeno

- Two limes

- Tequila of choice


- Sprinkle a few dashes of chili lime seasoning on a plate and squirt a few drops of agave onto the chili lime seasoning (I just eyeball this)

- Take your glass and coat the rim of the glass in the seasoning / agave

- Place your glass in the freezer while you construct your cocktail

- Slice your jalapeno and add to a mason jar with two shots of tequila

- Cut up your cucumber and blend with one cup of water

- Strain your cucumber juice into cocktail shaker

- Juice two limes into cocktail shaker

- Add some agave (however much or little you would like depending on how sweet you'd like it!)

- Strain your two shots of jalapeno infused tequila into cocktail shaker

- Add ice and shake!

- Strain into your chilled cocktail glass over ice

I found this recipe on tiktok and thought it looked so refreshing so decided to make it and now i'm obsessed. It's like drinking green juice with a little extra kick! ;)


x Luci